ExoArmor By HDNE V1.5 Brass

£ 385.00

The ExoArmor By HD&E is upon us and what a beauty it is, this device will allow you to use any AV tube set in a series configuarion, dont have any AV tubes dont worry, this is a full kit and doesnt require any additional purchases (apart from the usual High drain batteries and an atomizer)

Stand out from the crowd with this Cloud sport device and customize to your hearts content, got a time keeper and a able no problem run them side by side for the uniqueness we all as vapers strive.

Please Note: This device is not for beginners, it uses two 18650 batteries set in series, a very good understanding of ohms law, battery safety and hybrid mechanical mods is needed.


The ExoArmor By Hutchinson Design & Engineering


Hutchinson Design & Engineering


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