Evil Twin Stacked Set By Deathwish Modz

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Featuring a ONE PIECE solid tube with the classic and critically acclaimed Crossbones V2 switch, this beast of a mod is fueled by 2x 20650 cells, or 2x 18650 cells with a specially designed adapter. The stacked Crossbones V2 delivers incredible power, and amazing switch mechanism for an unique

The Unholy V2 is a beast of an RDA, that is simple yet INCREDIBLY efficient! Two MASSIVE posts (with extremely sturdy 4mm grub screws) will hold your coils in place, and a ball-bearing system within the posts will make sure everything stays locked in place.

Featuring an incased ball bearing within the post itself, it allows for new installation possibilities! Using a lead on top and one at the bottom of the ball bearing, you can install any coils as you would do in a velocity-styled deck – or you can install both leads under the ball bearing for a firm grip on your coils.

Here’s what’s included with the EVIL TWIN kit :

  • • The Unholy RDA V2.
  • • Special design sleeve for 18650 compatibility.
  • • Hybrid top contact disc.
  • • Misc parts.
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The EVIL TWIN stacked tube set is coming. Harness the power of series vaping on a tube with Deathwish Modz’s first stacked mod

WARNING: This mechanical mod does not feature any safety protocols that you may be accustomed to on a regulated device including but not limited to short protection,overheating protection and check battery . It is imperative that you learn about correct battery operating procedures ,ohms law and building with specifications as well as the difference between running in a series and a parallel .
Juiced Up Vapes does not under any circumstances accept any claim henceforth or thereafter pertaining to the use of this mod in the case of damage including but  not limited to the user,personal property ,the environment, the aforementioned device any living thing .
Please use safely and do your research thoroughly to protect yourself and others around you.
we recommend this device for experienced users  only

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