Up your vaping game with a rebuildable tank atomizer. At Juiced Up Vapes, we stock a wide selection of RTA, RDA, RBA and RDTA tanks, designed and manufactured by some of the World’s best known vaping brands. We’re also on hand to help you with your build.

  • Features:
    • 25mm Overall Diameter
    • Top Fill Design
    • Single or Dual Coil Configurations
    • Two-Post, Horizontal Dual Terminal Build Deck
    • Dual Side Airflow
    • PEEK Insulator
    • Three Different Airslot Sizes
    • Removable BF Squonk 510 Pin
    • Compatible with Squonk Mods
    • Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
    • Resin Widebore Drip Tip
    • Gold-Plated 510 Connection
    Package contents:
    • 1x Nefarius Squonk TF-BF 25MM RDTA
    • 2x Oni Fused Clapton coils 0.3 ohm each
    • 1x Replacement glass tube
    • 1x Spare part pack
    • 1x User manual
  • BTFC RDA By Augvape

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    £ 25.99
    • • Size: 25mm X 33mm (Without Drip Tip)
    • • Drip Tip: 810 Deltin Drip Tip/510 Drip Tip with Adapter
    • • Thread: 510 Thread
    • • Material SS304
    • • Top And bottom dounle airflow system
    • • Deep Juice well
    • • 25mm Diameter for a spacious building deck
    Package Contents:
    • • 1x Augvape BTFC RDA
    • • 1x Screwdriver
    • • 1x Accessory Bag
  • Features:
    • 24mm Diameter
    • Single Screw Spring Loaded Deck
    • Ramp Airflow System
    • Duel Coil Build
    • Squonk Ready
    • Waterfall Squonk Action
    Package Contents:
    • 1x Capstone RDA
    • 1x 810 Drip TIp
    • 1x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
    • 1x PC Comp Cap
    • 1x Accessory Kit
  • It has been over 2 years since the first Centurion RDA entered the market and delighted us to the core. But finally the moment has arrived! The Centurion V2 RDA by Cloud Chasers Inc. is here and its better than ever. In true highend fashion the Centurion V2 RDA comes with not one but 3 top caps with different airflow options. A Delrin and a Ultem 810 drip tip is also included.
  • Psyclone Mods are proud to yet again bring you another RDA with features never found in any other rebuildable atomiser. The Citadel’s most interesting feature is its reduced chamber. The way Psyclone designed it’s own chamber reducer is a first in any rebuildable atomiser in the way its installed and the performance it offers. The Citadel RDA is a 22mm rebuildable atomiser featuring a uniquely designed dual sided slotted post. The design allows for coils to be installed in any direction with ease. This RDA offers a familiar styled airflow from some of Psyclone RDA’s previous products but with a twist. The Citadel RDA is sure to impress, offering phenomenal flavour and vapour packed into a small package.
  • The Colorado RDA by Vapergate is a 52.8mm in diameter RDA and is modelled after Denver, the mile high city (5280 feet above sea level). The Colorado RDA comes in a very nice custom logo burnt wooden presentation box and has soft matte black finish and polished stainless steel top caps. Each unit is serialised with the custom Vapergate logo on the bottom and are currently limited to only 750 units!
  • Royal Hunter X RDA Council of Vapor Council Of Vapor Royal Hunter X RDA is advanced reinvention of the Royal Hunter Legacy, The latest and up to date intuitive build deck design is introduced featuring a two-post designs with dual terminals on each post as well as staple clamps mechanism. It is reshaped and re-featuring royal hunter from royal hunter mini, with a deep engraving it delvers a beautifully crafted sleeve to present a eye-catching showcase piece and standout among the top vaping device of today’s. The sleeves are changeable and multiple colours are available. The chassis is more impressive and stylistic. The unit is truly versatile with integration of staple clamps mechanism. Build deck achieves the Pioneer, combining the tried-and-true two-post with dual terminals per post which results of securing coil leads through the four terminal openings. For cooling properties and extra heat resistance it included ultra wide-bore drip tip, when paired with an controllable airflow system that features three parallel positioned openings on each side. With truly versatile design and dedicated craftsmanship it is manufactured by well known industry, the Royal Hunter X RDA model features sought after by every enthusiast and advanced builder.
  • Features
    1. 24mm rda with ample build space and generous post holes
    2. Slide in top coil deck takes the guesswork out of pre cutting your coil leads
    3. Adjustable top side diagonal airflow with a focus on flavor and to minimize leaking
    4. Single or dual coil configurations
    5. Gold plated positve post for better conductivity
    6. Knurled grip to adjust the airflow with ease
    7. Post screws fasten to the flat side of the coil lead to preserve your build
    8. Bottom feeding pin included for ‘squonking’
    9. Two 810 driptip options including a colorful resin tip and a 510 adapter
    10. Slotted or hex head post screw options
    11. Protruding 510 pin and peek insulation for hybrid top cap compatibility
     1 x Dead Rabbit RDA
     1 x 810 colorful resin Driptip
     1 x 510 adapter
     1 x Gold BF pin
     4 x Hex screws
     1 x Orings
     2 x Hex screwdrivers
  • Features
    • • 25mm RTA
    • • Unique ‘Rabbit Ear’ design
    • • Ample build space and generous post holes
    • • Slide in top coil deck takes the guesswork out of pre-cutting your coil leads
    • • Adjustable top side diagonal airflow with a focus on flavor and to minimize leaking
    • • Single or dual coil configurations
    • • Gold plated positive post for better conductivity
    • • Knurled grip to remove top cap and refill with ease
    • • Post screws fasten to the flat side of the coil lead to preserve your build
    • • 2ml juice capacity
    • • Two 810 drip tip options including a colorful resin tip and a white/black resin tip and a 510 adapter
    • • Slotted or hex head post screw options
    • • Protruding 510 pin and peek insulation
    • • 1 x 25mm Dead Rabbit RTA
    • • 1 x Resin 810 DT (Random Colours)
    • • 1 x Stainless Steel 510 Adapter
    • • 1 x Accessories Bag
    • • 1 x Dead Rabbit Sticker
    • • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • The Drop RDA is a TVCreation by Digiflavor. In case you were wondering what TVC is, it is the Vapor Chronicles Channel. The New Drop RDA features 4 huge post holes, the ability to place your coils with ease and plenty of space for cutting your leeds after you have placed your coils in the posts.The DROP RDA really lives up to its name by allowing you to drop in single, duel, triple or even quads easily. The juice well is deep and spacious, combined with the non-intrusive post placement allows for perfect e-liquid disbursement no matter how you vape..
  • The DROP Solo 22mm RDA designed by Digiflavor and TVC is the 2nd generation of the year best RDA - Drop RDA. It features the 22mm diameter with a unique single coil deck with horizontal multi-airslots side airflow control. More info to come.
  • Features a postless build deck for single coils and 6 honey comb airholes on two sides (one side has 3 holes). These 17.mm holes can adjust the unique dual side airflow system via the stainless steel top cap, which will bring the smoothest and quietest restricted direct lung feeling to smokers. DPRO Mini offers large space for your creativity and DIY fun, and inside the juice well is deep to meet your large demand. 3 kinds of 510 drip tips are available for you to choose a best match for small coils, big coils and MTL style.
  • Sale!

    Drop Dead RDA By Hell Vape

    £ 23.99 £ 23.49
    Hellvape and Heathen have come out with another exceptional RDA, this time collaborating with The Vapor Chronicles on the new Drop Dead RDA. Measuring 24mm in diameter, the Drop Dead RDA combines the best of two of the top RDAs on the market: the Dead Rabbit and the Drop RDA. The deck of the Drop Dead RDA is modeled after the Drop RDA, a quad-terminal style with cutaways at the base of the terminals which allows for easier trimming of the leads as well as giving more space in the well, and two notches between the positive (which are gold plated) and negative terminals on opposing sides that serve as a lock mechanism. The barrel features 14 downward slanting airflow holes in two rows of 7 which gives a smooth and flavorful vape as well as a knurled inner barrel which gives the user more grip to easily adjust airflow. The inside of the top cap is conical which combined with the compact design of the cap enhances the flavor output of the RDA.
  • The Elder Dragon RDA features a compact pagoda shape in appearance and all the elements at the deck bottom form a tai chi symbol. Pagoda is always seen as sacred and powerful in oriental culture. Tai chi symbol depicts a picture of balanced energy in the universe and conceptualises the complementary exchange of everything. The Elder Dragon RDA has a 22mm post-less build deck that allows different coil directions. Coil installing is super easy and intuitive. Most importantly, it is very delightful to look at. Pair it up with your favourite coil builds, the deck will make your build a stage star!
  • Features:
    • 2ml Capacity
    • 26mm Diameter
    • Duel Coil Build Deck
    • Easy Top Side Fill
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Adjustable Top Airflow
    Package Contents:
    • 1x OBS ENGINE 2 RTA
    • 2x Coils and Cotton
    • 1x Spare Glass
    • 1x Accessory Kit
  • Fancier RTA RDA By Uwell

    £ 26.99£ 28.99
    Uwell introduces the Fancier, presenting at 24mm diameter chassis and the unique capability of being a RTA or RDA. The Fancier Measures at 24mm in diameter and features sleek and smart design elements that combine for a universally appealing design. The build deck of the Fancier features a velocity style two post quad terminal build deck with each terminals measuring at 2.5mm each. While in RTA mode the Fancier features a Threaded Top Fill Method that unscrews to reveal single fill port and can accomodate 4ml of E-Liquid. The Fancier utilizes a top wicking port to keep the users cotton always saturated. Each coil features a vertical coil arrangement. While in RDA mode, the cross plate above the coil can be used as a safeguard to prevent spit back. Four 7mm by 2.5mm adjustable bottom airflow makes for smooth and effective airflow, and can be fully closed to seal the system effectively. The Uwell Fancier RTA & RDA is an excellent atomizer that gives users the best of both worlds whilst staying fancy.
  • The OFRF Gear rta is an exquisitely designed rebuildable tank atomizer with a compact design and a simply designed post-less build deck.single coil builds and can accommodate clockwise and counter clockwise performance coils with its four top mounted flat head screw secured terminals. Each Flathead screw features an over-sized notch and is designed for quick and simple installation. The build deck of this RTA uses German PEEK insulation to pair with a 24K plated gold pin. The Gear RTA has an ultra short air passage design and domed chamber that provides the most intense flavor and excellent vapor production. E-Liquid can be refilled through two fill ports accessible through a threaded top cap. The air flow can be fully adjustable through a dual bottom air slots. The OFRF Gear comes with a 510 black frosted PC wide bore drip tip and a regular 510 PCM drip tip. The OFRF Gear 24mm RTA is an amazing rebuildable atomizer built with simplicity and excellence in a portable package.
  • The Blitz Ghoul BF RDA with the 22mm diameter, features the innovative ceramic clamp system and the one post two holes design for the easy single building. The conical top cap and flavor-orientated airflow direction of the Ghoul BF RDA, is the best anti-spit back shield.
  • The Dead Rabbit SQ RDA is a single coil bottom feeding RDA that designed for Squonking. It has a 22mm diameter with ample build space and generous post holes. And the adjustable top side diagonal airflow brings concentrate flavor without leaking. It supports full lung and MTL vaping with a barrel lock. A spare solid 510 pin for dripping is also included.
  • Features:
    • • Size: updating
    • • Drip Tip: 810 drip tip
    • • Thread: 510 thread
    • • Powerful and exquisite single coil RDA
    • • Unique ceramic clamp system build deck
    • • Highly compatible with various heating coils
    • • Bottom bridge airflow design without leaking
    • • Bottom feeder pin included
    • • Compatible 810 and 510 drip tips
    • • 1x Hermetic RDA
    • • 1x 510 drip tip adapter
    • • 1x Beauty ring
    • • Spare parts bag (Ceramic clamp, Squonk pin, O-rings)
  • New from iJoy is the Captain RTA, a 25mm Tank with 3.8ml of Capacity and a postless building deck which allows plenty of room for different coil sizes and more complex configurations. In addition, the top fill design makes filling a lot easier, with a simple lateral sliding mechanism that you can operate with a single finger, making filling on the go that much more convenient. The Captain RTA also includes a replaceable silicon filling ring, as well as a juice flow control system and a UTLEM wide bore drip tip. The postless deck design of the Captain RTA allows for more interesting coil building, and its small size lends to increased electrical efficiency. Available in SS, Gunmetal, Black or Rainbow
  • The Combo RDA is a 25mm diameter atomizer with bottom airflow system. It comes with very innovative spring design deck which is a "tool-less" RDA, that means you don't need tweezers or tools for setting coils on posts, the 24K gold plating allows for greater conductivity. Deep juice wall for more juice storage. The Combo RDA is the perfect RDA for those looking for a simple, fashionable and flavor based RDA! The PEI version: Ultem is a High-Temperature plastic with a significantly higher melting point compared to delrin. Give the Combo RDA a fresh look while enjoying the comfort of these caps. 25mm Diameter Heatproof pure ultem top cap 810 ULTEM Drip Tip Screwless two post deck Double O-Ring Secured 24K Gold Plated Deck Bottom Airflow control Gold Plated 510 Connection Deep juice wall Small and compact, lightweight with high performance

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