Our sub ohm kits are perfect for serious cloud chasers who want a fuss-free setup; we carry a range of sub ohm devices from leading names like ASPIRE, ASMODUS, SMOK and WISMEC . Take your pick of box mods with plenty of customization options – whether you’re after sleek design or precision TEMPERATURE CONTROL, our vape kits offer the right solution to get you started.

  • Designed to be water and shock resistant, the Aegis is the perfect companion to anyone wanting a durable and practical device. With a smooth and executive design, the Aegis proves that durability does not have to sacrifice looks! Capable of firing at up to 200w and powered by duel 18650 batteries, the Aegis will make a great all day vape companion to anyone needing a hard wearing, life proof Mod
  • The all new Asmodus Lustro! Asmodus brands new flagship box mod, featuring industry first technological firsts that are sure to change the way we vape forever! The Lustro is a feature packed next generation vape mod! The Lustro features an incredible IR sensor that allows you to navigate the menu without even touching the device, making it the first hands free box mod ever! A unique LED indicator at the bottom of the device lights up and can change colour based on the duration of your hit, so you can stay in control of how you vape without being fixed to the display, this also doubles up as a handy flashlight! With its massive 200w of power and a sports car speedometer inspired full colour OLED display is simply the icing on the cake! The Lustro really leaves the competition in the dust, an affordable box mod technologically superior to anything available today, built Asmodus' tried and tested quality manufacturing process to give you a box that simply works time after time. Using the Device: Adjusting wattage: You can unlock the Lustro mod by swiping your finger down the touchscreen, you can then select the plus and minus symbols to adjust the wattage, then press the fire button to lock the wattage and start vaping! Accessing the menu: The Asmodus Lustro is a fully touch screen box mod, to access the menu use the fire button and press 5 times consecutively to access the main menu, then simply swipe left or right to access the different sub menus. Switching firing modes: You can switch between the different firing modes by simply unlocking the screen and then swiping left or right to cycle through the different firing modes. In temperature mod hold the TEMP icon for 2 seconds to change between the different wire types.
  • The Asmodus Minikin Kodama 180W Stab Mod is a high-end device featuring a unique stabilised wood finish. Each Kodama mod is finished by hand, so each aesthetic is slightly different from one another, guaranteeing a unique mod every time. Powered by Asmodus' patented chip technology that provides a maximum of 180W of power, the Kodama takes dual 18650 batteries (sold separately), which can be charged via USB cable. A capacative touch-screen allows easy switching between modes, with a bright OLED screen displaying all necessary user information. Please Note: Each Asmodus Minikin Kodama Mod has a unique wood finish, and may contain imperfections and graining. Colours will vary between units, and some of the photos are depicting general aesthetics. Contains:
    • 1 x Asmodus Minikin V2 Kodama 180W Mod
  • It is a mod that is both compact and ergonomic, the curvy design makes the mod feel super comfortable in the palm of your hand. The Typhon 100 is powered by a 5000mAh internal battery, with a maximum output wattage of 100W. Yes! That means less recharging required and an even longer vape time! Very popular at Vape Expo with many Vendors across the board. And if that’s not enough, the Typhon 100 also supports VW/VV/Bypass/CPS/TCR…all features that can easily satisfy your various vaping requirements. Also, with a width of 26mm the Typon can easily match the majority of your tanks with no ‘overhang’! The Typhon mod has all the usual features you have come to expect from Aspire, Stainless steel flush mounted 510 connector which is of course spring loaded, a micro usb port for charging and firmware updates. The up/down button is located near the top of the mod and integrated into the display screen, with the fire button conveniently placed to be able to use with thumb or finger. Added safety comes with well placed ventilation holes in the base of the mod.
  • The DNA 250 Color is a power regulated digital switch-mode DC-DC converter for personal vaporizers. It features Evolv's patented Wattage Control, patent-pending Replay and Temperature Protection, Preheat, Onboard Buttons, Synchronous Rectification for maximum battery life and minimal heat generation, and a 160 x 80 pixel Color TFT Screen. The DNA 250 Color runs from a 2, 3, or 4 cell lithium polymer battery, and features cell-by-cell battery monitoring and an integrated 2A balance charger. Evolv's EScribe 2.0 and Theme Designer software can be used to make the DNA 250 Color look and act exactly like you want. Designed for ease of use while allowing complete customization, the DNA 250 Color is vaping down to a science.
  • The all new Double Barrel v2.1 150w box mod by Squid Industries, this is a totally unique box mod designed after a traditional shot gun! The Double Barrel v2 has a unique dial adjustment, 150w watts of power all in a super compact structure, it is most likely one of the smallest dual 18650 mods out there! The Double Barrel V2 is a unique work horse, available in two finishes and ideal for 24mm RDAs! The most compact dual 18650 regulated high wattage box mod, designed by a US Navy Vet! The Double Barrel v2 now upgraded to 150w with OED screen at the top!
  • Features:

    • Maximum Wattage:150w
    • Steel Body
    • Powder Coat Finish
    • Bi-functional firing switch (also serves as a dial to adjust wattage)
    • 24mm 510
    • Safety features such as reverse battery polarity protection, and short circuit protection
    • Wattage, voltage, resistance and battery level indication screen
    Package Contents;
    • 1x Double Barrel Limited Edition
    • 1x Warranty Card
    • 2x 510 Adapter Protection Rings (to be placed between your RDA/Tank and the mod)
  • The large 2.0” full color screen delivers a wide range of information in an organized manner, with a focus on ergonomic user-friendly interface. The Draco 200W is beautifully crafted with a die-cast zinc alloy frame, implementing the elegant design of G10 accent side panels for luxurious options.
  • Cooperate with Yihi Electronic Co.ltd(SXmini), XOMO released EXO Armor 300W TC Box Mod, which is powered by removable dual 18650 batteries and is capable of adjustable maximum 300W. Made of high quality zinc alloy, XOMO EXO Armor utilizes classic matte black with fingerprint-resistance and UV protective surface treatment make perfect in every details.Designed by SJC, EXO Armor Mod uses Yihi SX550J chipset that customize you own taste with SXi-Q intelligent taste curve for multiple modes for you option and TFT HD screen with UI interface that displays main information including wattage, temperature, voltage, coil resistance, coil material, battery life and etc for you reference. Besides, there are 10 awesome wallpaper can change which you like. The changeable LED flash light can change into red, green, blue that 3 colors spontaneously. With one of the strongest magnet, the NdFe8 mangnet1 N52 magnet gives a mechanical feel. Moreover, The EXO Armor features 0.05ohm to 1.0ohm under Joule mode, while resistance range is from 0.1ogm to 3.0ohm in Power mode. High end PC panel case and 14 little stars on each side of the mod makes it in perfect propertion. One year, one mod.
  • The Flux Box Mod has a max output wattage of 200W. To cater to different firing preferences, the mod is designed to feature 3 firing modes in a step-up way: the Standard Mode that fires faster than an average mod, the higher Powerful Mode for those who want to experience the next level of faster firing, and the extreme Powerful+ Mode for those who prefer the speediest firing ever. To provide some extra fun, the mod comes with a fancy light-show function. Centered on the front of the mod, the light shines slimly and vertically half the height. 7 colors are available to choose, individually or mixed. Wanna keep a low profile? Simply turn it off!
  • The Littlefoot 60W Mod by Wake Mod Co is a super small, ultra sleek mod that shines in aesthetics and performance. Visually, the device is stunning and is available in black, blue, gold, green and red colour options. When paired with the Wake RTA the combo matches beautifully and gives users an exceptionally flavourful experience.  
  • Features:
    • DNA 250C Chipset (Down Throttled to 200)
    • 1 to 200W Output Range
    • 1 to 7.4V Output
    • 0.1 to 2.0 ohm Kanthal Resistance Range
    • 0.08 to 1.0 ohm Temperature Sensing Range
    • 200 to 600 Degrees Fahrenheit Temperature Range
    • Replay Functionality - Temp-Sensing & Tuning of Temperature Control
    • Boost Mode - Increase Initial Power Ouput and Ramp-Up Time
    • Temperature Control
    • Dual 18650 Batteries Sold Separately
    • Interchangeable Panels
    • Leather Panel Wraps with Foam Cushion
    • Four Button Control Face
    • 0.96 Inch Full Color OLED Screen
    • Upgradeable Escribe Software
    • Cell-by-Cell Monitoring
    • Cell Balancer
    • Atomizer Protection
    • Overheat Protection
    • Micro USB Port for charging and software upgrades
    • USB On-The-Go / Acts as a Power Bank
    • Stainless Steel 510 Thread Point
    • Spring-Loaded Nickel Plated Brass 510 Connection
    • 91.5mm by 55mm by 27.5mm
    Package contents:
    • 1x One Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Box Mod
    • 1x Male to Female USB Cable
    • 1x USB Charging Cable
    • 1x Suction Cup
    • 1x User Manual
  • The newest mod on the market from Lost Vape. The Triade is powered by 3 18650 batteries and is capable of pushing up to 300w of power using the Evolv DNA250c chip. although the space for an extra battery increases the mods profile, the grip is still comfortable in the hand and feels familiar. With the inbuilt replay settings, once you have this vape how you like it, you can save the draw so every hit gives that perfect flavor or vapor that you are looking for. If you are after a high end, well build and reliable device, then the Triade is for you.
  • The Nikola Wolverine is a solid and ergonomic 230w box mod. Using a mix of Zink alloy and ABS in its construction to create a durable and reliable box mod. Taking two 18650 batteries the mod is able to fire between 0.1 and 3.0 ohm, and the extended battery life chip will keep you firing high at low builds longer than most. The Wolverine stands out from the crowd with the taist mode settings, allowing the user to adjust the power output and heat depending on how they like to vape and optimizing the flavor they draw from the tank.
  • Unlike anything you’ve seen from Innokin, every component, texture, and material of Proton underwent a complete design overhaul to bring you not only the high quality you expect from Innokin but the innovation factor that stems from its namesake as well. Change begins from within, some of the most prominent feature of Proton include a brand new 235W chipset, a large and ergonomic side fire panel, and a first-of-its-kind joystick-style selector. Simply move the button left or right with your thumb to adjust your wattage. Additionally, the 1.45” color screen display (TFT) allows you to choose among 6 colors for your preference, and the onboard memory bank functions allow further customization of your vaping experience.
  • Inspired by the famous Battle-star, the Smoant Cylon 218W TC Box MOD is right here for you! Powered with dual external 18650 batteries, the Smoant Cylon fires to a maximum output of 218W. The Cylon adopts updated Ant218 V2 chipset, providing a stable performance and 0.015s fast firing speed. The interchangeable double UI brings an easy way for operation too. The Customized VW/TC Curve will meet your different vaping needs! Compact yet functional, this device will definitely upgrade your vaping experience to a new level! 2 colors.
  • Squid industries has listened to customer concerns and vastly improved the double barrel v3 over its predecessor. Some of the upgrades include:
    1. Increased diameter to 25mm so you can pair it with your favourite RDA
    2. Upgraded 510
    3. Flush mounted screen
    4. Entire top of the mod now sealed to prevent shorts
    5. Upgraded contacts, for better shock protection
    6. Upgraded battery door, now hinged
    7. Upgraded paint finish to power coat for a more durable long lasting finish.


    • Strong alloy constructed and powder-coated for a durable finish
    • 5-150 watts variable wattage
    • Multi-function firing button (doubles as wattage control)
    • Takes dual 18650 high drain batteries
    • Accommodates 25mm, and under, attys with no overhang
    • Variable wattage 0-150 watts
    • Multi-function firing switch (also serves as a dial to adjust wattage)
    • Spring-loaded 510 connection
    • Safety features such as reverse battery polarity protection, and short circuit protection
    • Wattage, voltage, resistance and battery level indication screen
    • Sprung button style battery contacts
    • A connected hinged battery door
    • Flush sealed screen
    • Steel Construction
    • 25mm diameter
    Package Contains:
    • 1 x Double Barrel V3 Mod
    • 2 x Atomizer Washer/Disc
    • 1 x Product Manuel
    • 1 x Desiccant
  • SXmini G Class This chip supports the latest temperature sensing advancements from YiHi and allows full support of YiHi's SXi Q control PC software. In addition, it is Bluetooth ready and allows full control from a mobile device of all of the available SXi Q & G Class settings. There is a brand new, clear & customizable TFT display and innovative joystick controller for easy navigation.  The unit features a huge 31mm 510 top plate, idea for using large atomizers and RDA's normal reserved for significantly larger 26650-sized devices. The G Class features an illuminated SXMINI logo on the side and is available in three finishes: Black Leather, Brown Leather and Carbon Fibre.
  • The New SXmini MX Class feature is powered by the YiHi SX480J-BT processor with the Joystick Control first introduced to the G Class series. It is a single 18650 battery 75W  TC mod with DC-DC, buck-boost technology and efficiency is 92%. It supports Micro USB on-board charging single battery 1A.
  • The SXmini SL Class is YiHi's newest and one of the more compact designs that has come from the SXmini Lineup. Utilizing a single 18650, 20700, or 21700 battery, the SL Class is capable of firing up to 80W (w/ 18650 Battery) or 100W (w/ 20700 or 21700 Battery) and is maintained by the all new YiHi SX485J Chipset. The SL Class has a super unique chassis design which features beautiful stainless steel chassis with the battery section wrapped in carbon fiber, leather, or resin to add to the overall futuristic aesthetic. The SL Class also uses the more recently known SXmini Joystick control scheme to make for a minimalist front without sacrificing practicality.
  • Sale!
    SXmini G Class This chip supports the latest temperature sensing advancements from YiHi and allows full support of YiHi's SXi Q control PC software. In addition, it is Bluetooth ready and allows full control from a mobile device of all of the available SXi Q & G Class settings. There is a brand new, clear & customizable TFT display and innovative joystick controller for easy navigation.  The unit features a huge 31mm 510 top plate, idea for using large atomizers and RDA's normal reserved for significantly larger 26650-sized devices. The G Class features an illuminated SXMINI logo on the side and is available in three finishes: Black Leather, Brown Leather and Carbon Fibre.
  • Tesla Punk 220W Box Mod. Tesla have followed on from their previous outing with the Tesla Nano, continuing the theme of Steampunk. Enclosed in a beautiful medal body complete with Pyrex window, the Tesla box mod really shines. The antique finish of the mod is perfect for lovers of all things vintage. What isn’t antique in this device are the electronics: the chip is an all new proprietary collaboration between Tesla and some of the most lauded PCB manufacturers in the whole of Shenzen. With super efficient current flow, minimal voltage loss and all the safety features you’d expect from a mod in the current day, there’s nothing not to love.

    £ 259.99£ 289.99
    The Touch Mod from BMI. On the outside, you have your classic BMI rectangular lines with their signature Sliding Door System and the Internals (including the Touch Screen Chipset) are hidden inside the enclosure. Opening the buttery smooth door to access them takes little effort.
  • UWELL Crown 4

    £ 47.99
    UWELL Crown 4 Mod is equipped with the new generation of UWELL circuit board. Its maximum output is 200W and you will need 2×18650 batteries which are not included. It features exquisite craftsmanship with ingenious details and the base of the mod has an anti-slip and anti-wear silicone material as this is the place most likely to wear. With a unique stable anodization process, the Crown 4 Mod making it even more durable and great vaping experience.

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